Just because: The 1894 Phillies' schedule card

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Way back yonder in 1894, the Phillies of Philadelphia were just 12 years removed from their founding as the Philadelphia Quakers (they went 17-81-1 in their first season!), but their fortunes were in much better shape, what with an outfield full of future Hall of Famers -- Ed Delahanty, Sam Thompson and Sliding Billy Hamilton.

Over the course of the season in question, all three future Hall of Famers would bat better than .400 and lead the Phillies to a 71-57-4 record and a fourth-place finish. Nothing says primitive baseball quite like four ties. And nothing says primitive baseball quite like a stand-alone National League. The American Association folded in 1891, and the American League was a lesser loop known as the Western League and, in 1894, was still seven years from merging with the NL.

Pleasing aside: After being referred to as the Quakers, the Phillies, before they became widely known as such in the late 1880s, were nobly referred to as the "Philadelphia Philadelphias." I can think of exactly zero good reasons they shouldn't be called that today.

Anyhow, here, courtesy of the New York Public Library's A.G. Spalding Collection, is the Phillies' "registry of sporting appointments" (I doubt anyone called it this, but it sounds plausible) from eighteen hundred and ninety-four, when men were men until they died at age 31 of consumption ...

And speaking of disinterring old usage, let us return to the practice of calling "away games" by the superior identifier of "abroad games."

Excelsior !

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