Kazuma Uehara, son of Koji, all over field before World Series

BOSTON - For those of us fortunate enough to get to Fenway Park hours early before World Series games, we've seen a lot of Red Sox closer Koji Uehara's son, Kazuma.

One might recall, it was seven-year-old Kaz Uehara who didn't know how he felt in Game 6 of the ALCS:

Anyway, prior to both Games 1 and 2 of the World Series, the young Uehara has been all over the field, wearing a full home Red Sox uniform with, yes, "Uehara" on his back, wearing No. 19, just like his father.

And let me tell you this: The kid can hit. He must have taken 50-75 swings off live pitching Thursday afternoon on the field. He generally stands somewhere around 30 feet from the outfield fence and hits a home run I'd estimate about 20 percent of the time. Here's video I took, and please forgive me for the sun making it difficult to see:

Unfortunately, I wasn't recording one of the better moments. The pitcher accidentally hit Kaz with a pitch and Kaz slammed down his bat and started yelling back at the pitcher. I thought at first he was throwing a temper tantrum, but then he playfully charged the mound and the two staged a small and obviously fake "brawl."

And wouldn't you know it, next pitch, he hit a home run.

Always good to get the reminder that this is a kid's game.

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