Leaderboarding: Luis Gonzalez's extra-base hit prowess

Luis Gonzalez had an elite career in terms of racking up extra-base hits.
Luis Gonzalez had an elite career in terms of racking up extra-base hits. (Getty Images)

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As one might have noticed from the handy link you see directly above, we just got done breaking down the merits of Luis Gonzalez's Hall of Fame case. He was the first individual with which we've done so, but 23 more are coming prior to the Jan. 8 reveal of the BBWAA Hall of Fame election results.

Anyway, Tuesday is about Luis Gonzalez in this space, so let's check out an area where he excelled during his career: Extra-base hits. Specifically, Gonzalez racked up a whopping 596 doubles -- good for 15th in baseball history -- while also hitting 354 homers.

In true cherry-picking fashion, let's take a look at the players in MLB history who had at least 350 homers and at least 550 doubles. There were only 10 and the names are quite impressive. We'll sort them by most career extra-base hits.

XBH = Extra-base hits
AB = Career at-bats

550+ Doubles, 350+ Home Runs
Name Years 2B HR XBH AB
Hank Aaron 1954-76 624 755 1477 12,364
Barry Bonds 1986-2007 601 762 1440 9847
Stan Musial 1941-63 725 475 1377 10,972
Rafael Palmeiro 1986-2005 585 569 1192 10,472
Carl Yastrzemski 1961-1983 646 452 1157 11,998
Eddie Murray 1977-97 560 504 1099 11,336
Cal Ripken Jr. 1981-2001 603 431 1078 11,551
Luis Gonzalez 1990-2008 596 354 1018 9157
Todd Helton 1997-2013 592 369 998 7962
Jeff Kent 1992-2008 560 377 984 8498

Via baseball-reference.com's play index

Good company, for certain.

As for whether or not this makes Gonzalez a Hall of Famer, we'll let you guys tussle over that here and in the above linked entry on his "case for" and "case against."

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