Leaderboarding: The Ben Revere Club

More: Revere homers for first time in 1,566th plate appearance

One of the stories making the rounds Wednesday morning has been the first career homer off the bat of Phillies center fielder Ben Revere. Here it is, for those interested:

Good to see him finally cracking a smile once he crossed home plate. That's pretty cool.

Anyway, let's go to the Leaderboarding machine here for some fun with numbers and history.

There are 19 players in MLB history with more at-bats than Revere (1,467) and either one or zero career homers. Here they are, sorted by most at-bats.

The Ben Revere Club
Name Years At-bats HR
Duane Kuiper 1974-85 3,379 1
Emil Verban 1944-50 2,911 1
Johnny Bassler 1913-27 2,319 1
Floyd Baker 1943-55 2,280 1
Jack McCarthy 1901-07 2,233 0
Woody Woodward 1963-71 2,187 1
Freddie Maguire 1922-31 2,120 1
Joe Gedeon 1913-20 2,109 1
Al Newman 1985-92 2,107 1
Ed Hahn 1905-10 2,045 1
Tom Oliver 1930-33 1,931 0
Irv Hall 1943-46 1,904 0
Jimmy Burke 1901-05 1,903 1
Patsy Donovan 1901-07 1,901 1
John Sullivan 1942-49 1,833 1
Walter Barbare 1914-22 1,777 1
Fritz Mollwitz 1913-19 1,740 1
Johnny Peacock 1937-45 1,734 1
Jack Warner 1925-33 1,546 1

Reference: Baseball-reference.com play index

How about the active players -- including those players still hanging on in the minors but excluding pitchers -- with at least 200 MLB at-bats and no more than one homer? Revere tops the list here in at-bats by more than double. Each of these players has exactly one career homer, so we'll just list the player name and number of at-bats:

1. Revere, 1467
2. Emmanuel Burriss, 720
3. Tony Campana, 413
4. Jerry Owens, 393
5. Munenori Kawasaki, 356
6. Joe Thurston, 337
7. Steve Clevenger, 300
8. Henry Mateo, 257
9. Andrew Romine, 252
10. Elian Herrera, 243

Off the top of my head, I know at least Campana's was an inside-the-park job, too.

The active position player with zero homers and the most at-bats is Brock Holt, with 188. Kolten Wong is second at 166 (BBRef)

This should all put in perspective just how long Revere's drought was and how special that home run Tuesday night had to have been to him.

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