LOOK: Bryce Harper finally shows the world what's under his wedding tux

Nationals thunderclap/2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper in December married longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner in what was doubtless a lovely ceremony in San Diego. We told you about this, and now it's time for an urgent follow-up.

Said follow-up entails a tantalizing glimpse inside Mr. Harper's marital garb. Prepare thine hand-fans ...

Excelsior! As you can see, the inner lining of Bryce Harper's tuxedo jacket appears to be an arrangement of engagement photos of him and his lovely bride. This, suffice it to say, is a choice decision on Mr. Harper's part.

Consider this to be the sign of a blessed union.

People, you already suspected that the greatest story ever told resided within the confines of Bryce Harper's formal wear, and now you have proof.

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