Mets don Canadian camouflage for trip to Toronto

It seems everyone is copying Joe Maddon and the Rays these days with themed road trips. Thursday alone had the Cardinals donning "tacky tuxedos" and the Mets went to Canada wearing hockey jerseys (one Maddon used last year for the Rays).

So here's this from Eye On Hockey blogger Brian Stubits:

At the moment, hockey is enjoying a large part of the New York sports spotlight with an Eastern Conference featuring teams from Manhattan and Newark.

To commemorate this, the New York Mets were all sporting hockey sweaters when they got off the bus in Toronto for their trip to play the Blue Jays . OK, so the timing happens to be coincidental as the Mets planned on this a while ago when deciding on their themes for road trips this season, but that just makes the story so much more fitting, so I'll go with it.

Among the Mets you have Jason Bay, a Canadian boy. There's a lot of pressure on him in this situation; hockey is in his bloodlines as a Canuck. He stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with his choice, so to speak.

To show off how deep the hockey roots go, Bay decided to go back in time and wear a Ray Ferraro Hartford Whalers jersey -- not one from his Vancouver Canucks -- seeing as he grew up not far away in B.C.

Here's the scene from Toronto, with Mets manager Terry Collins explaining things in his Pavel Datsyuk sweater.

As you'd expect, there are a lot of Rangers sweaters -- New York, not Texas -- in the bunch. Hey, stick with the local team and you can never go wrong.

But the best, even better than Bay's Whalers jersey? Star third baseman David Wright sporting the Goldberg Mighty Ducks sweater from the movies. To see that check out the slideshow here with Wright and a bunch of the other Mets.

I think I like the Mets a lot more now than I did a few minutes ago.

H/t to Kukla's Korner

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