Mitch Williams disputes details of reported youth league argument

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MLB Network analyst and former MLB closer Mitch Williams got into a screaming match with an umpire at a youth league tournament this weekend, per The tournament was for players 10 years old and younger and Williams was one of the coaches for his son's team.

Word got out thanks to social media, as this tweet seems to have been what started it:

Williams replied with a series of tweets where he told his side of the story.

From there, Williams went on to say that the umpire threatened to fight him and to "pick a time and place." He also says that there's video footage that will help his case:

The fan above replied back to Williams with a picture of Williams screaming in an umpire's face. has several pictures and more to the story, including that several fans reported that Williams used profanity in the direction of the umpire loud enough for many in the area to hear, including the 10-years-old and younger players. Click here for one of the pictures of the confrontation.

Williams was initially banned from the rest of the tournament but reportedly the ban was later lifted as it was determined the umpire had acted unprofessionally.

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