MLB Burn of the Week: O'Flaherty threw shade on Bautista reminding him of Odor

During the Braves' 8-4 win over the Blue Jays on Wednesday night, Jose Bautista homered and, well ... just watch: 

That's quite the spectacle for a about to be 17-24 cutting its deficit to four in the eighth, but hey, do you do, Jose. 

The Braves were a bit peeved about the actions of Mr. Bautista and what ensued was the second altercation of the evening. We'll be covering some of this matter in a bit here on the site (teaser!), but now, I present the burn of the week, thanks to Braves reliever Eric O'Flaherty, who coughed up the homer (via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution): 

"I'm surprised he's ready to fight again after last year," O'Flaherty said, laughing. "But he's throwing some looks around so…it's what it is."

This would be a reference to Rougned Odor delivering that big-time punch to Bautista three days ago to the year

I think we're gonna call this one another TKO of Bautista, right? 

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