MLB reveals umpire assignments for wild-card, divisional rounds

CB Bucknor is working an ALDS. Expect some confrontations.
CB Bucknor is working an ALDS. Expect some confrontations. (USATSI)

Major League Baseball announced umpiring assignments for the wild-card and divisional playoff rounds Monday. Here they are:

Reds-Pirates wild-card game: Joe West (home plate), Dale Scott, Dan Iassogna, Rob Drake, Tim Timmons and Lance Barksdale.

Rays-Indians wild-card game: Gerry Davis (home plate), Ted Barrett, Mike Everitt, Greg Gibson, Phil Cuzzi and Brian Knight.

Reds/Pirates-Cardinals NLDS: Jerry Layne (crew chief), Wally Bell, Sam Holbrook, Jim Joyce, Paul Nauert and Tony Randazzo.

Dodgers-Braves NLDS: John Hirschbeck (crew chief), Laz Diaz, Marvin Hudson, Bill Miller, Tim Welke and Hunter Wendelstedt.

Rays/Indians-Red Sox ALDS: Dana DeMuth (crew chief), Eric Cooper, Paul Emmel, Chris Guccione, Larry Vanover and Mike Winters.

Tigers-Athletics ALDS: Gary Darling (crew chief), CB Bucknor, Mike DiMuro, Tom Hallion, Jim Reynolds and Mark Wegner.

I'm not going to nitpick these selections, but I can't believe Bucknor got an assignment. I feel like you could poll players, managers, coaches, front office personnel, media, fans, etc. and the answer would always be the same: Bucknor is generally regarded as the worst umpire in Major League Baseball. It's hard to trust the evaluation process if he's getting a postseason series.

On the bright side, he's doing the Tigers series. An epic Jim Leyland meltdown could be on the menu.

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