Moyer baffles Giants in four no-hit innings, takes step toward making Rox

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Jamie Moyer's numbers for tonight: 0, 78 and 49.

That's zero hits, zero walks and zero runs in four innings for the Colorado Rockies hopeful against the San Franciscio Giants.

That's 78 mph, as in that's the top fastball he threw, according to the scoreboard gun. (Moyer, who struck out four, hit 78 several times but several "fastballs'' were even slower than that -- though Rockies people say the gun is off and his pitches were actually registering 82-83 mph, which is still slower than any starting candidate in the bigs.)

Moyer is, of course, 49 years old, just months from AARP card territory.
"To be able to move and get on the field, much less compete, is amazing,'' marveled 33-year-old teammate Michael Cuddyer, a veteran who is 16 years Moyer's junior.

Moyer, though, doesn't seem to be astounded to have worked his way into position to possibly make the rotation, much less just be here. "It's all about each time out making progress, you try to make progress,'' Moyer said. "Tonight ... I moved forward.''

Moyer was brought back for this start only a few days after being shelled in a back-field minor-league game. Rockies manager Jim Tracy said, "Obviously, we're doing everything we can to afford him the opportunity to make this ballclub.'' Tracy added that Moyer looks no different than the Moyer of 2010, when he was only 47 years old, the year before the Tommy John surgery.

Moyer totally baffled a Giants lineup that maybe wasn't the best they could have fielded but did include Pablo Sandoval, Aubrey Huff and a few other honest-to-goodness big leaguers. Nonetheless, none of them came close to gtetting a hit. He threw 45 pitches, and two-thirds were strikes in allowing no hits.

Thus, Moyer remains one of the biggest hits of this spring and looks like a decent bet to pitch for the Rockies this year at age 49.
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