Must-have bobblehead: Jobu from 'Major League'

Bobblehead Project returns: Big Z takes out a cooler

This is amazing. The Lake County Captains are the Class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and play in Eastlake, Ohio. Keep that destination in mind, fans of the movie "Major League," because you're gonna want to head that way August 1:

Be still, my beating heart.

That, in the middle, is Pedro Cerrano's buddy, Jobu, who helped the big man get rid of his bats' fear of hitting the curveball (and we could question whether or not Jesus Christ could hit a curve, but I'd rather not start a holy war in here).

It's a shame that Jobu is only available to the first 1,500 fans and not mass produced. In light of this being the 25th anniversary of Major League, I'm thinking some bobblehead company needs to produce a whole line of Major League bobbles. I'd be the first in line to grab a Rick Vaughn one, I'll tell you that.

Regardless, this is probably the best minor-league promotion we've seen thus far in the 2014 season, and that's saying a lot.

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