New World Series odds released, West coast teams rising

Greinke and Ramirez helped increase the World Series odds of their respective new ballclubs. (Getty Images)

The latest odds to win the World Series have been updated by, in light of the moves made prior to the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. The biggest upward movers were the big-name teams from the West coast, with the Los Angeles Angels going from 10/1 to 15/2, the Los Angeles Dodgers jumping from 22/1 to to 14/1 and the San Francisco Giants moving from 15/1 to 12/1.

The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers still remain at the top.

One thing to keep in mind with odds: They aren't predictions. The reason bookmakers make money is they maximize the action across the board. So if the most money is bet on the Yankees, of course they're going to have the best odds -- even if they don't have the best team (which they very well might).

So before you go complaining about a lack of respect (A's fans!) due to poor odds, maybe find a place to legally wager on your favorite team. Just a thought.

Current odds to win the World Series

New York Yankees 19/4
Texas Rangers 5/1
Los Angeles Angels 15/2
Washington Washington Nationals 9/1
Cincinnati Cincinnati Reds 10/1
Detroit Detroit Tigers 10/1
San Francisco Giants 12/1
Atlanta Atlanta Braves 14/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 14/1
Chicago Chicago White Sox 20/1
St. Louis St. Louis Cardinals 22/1
Boston Boston Red Sox 25/1
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pirates 25/1
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Rays 25/1
Oakland Oakland Athletics 35/1
Arizona Arizona Diamondbacks 45/1
Toronto Toronto Blue Jays 45/1
Baltimore Baltimore Orioles 55/1
Cleveland Cleveland Indians 75/1
Philadelphia Philadelphia Phillies 75/1
Miami Miami Marlins 90/1
New York New York Mets 100/1
Milwaukee Milwaukee Brewers 225/1
Minnesota Minnesota Twins 500/1
Seattle Seattle Mariners 500/1
Kansas City Kansas City Royals 600/1
Chicago Chicago Cubs 750/1
San Diego San Diego Padres 750/1
Colorado Colorado Rockies 1000/1
Houston Houston Astros 1000/1

My biggest takeaway? What a complete ripoff the odds are for the Rockies and Astros. They should clearly be like 100,000/1.

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