Peavy: 'I've got plenty enough to pitch'

PHOENIX -- The numbers have been ugly this spring for Jake Peavy.

Of the 27 batters he has faced, 15 have reached base. Nine have scored.

The reviews of Peavy this spring have not been positive.

"He just isn't the same guy," one scout said after watching him. Even his body language shows it."

The White Sox acquired Peavy three years ago to be their ace. Health issues have kept him from being that, but general manager Ken Williams said that Peavy is healthier this spring than he has been since coming to Chicago.

Peavy agrees -- and he doesn't agree with those who see his spring struggles as a concern.

"I'm healthy, and in my heart I believe I'm going to get it done," Peavy said Thursday morning. "People can say what they want to say. I've got plenty enough to pitch."

Peavy pointed out that the Cactus League can be tough on pitchers, and it's true that he had a 9.39 ERA in Arizona in 2008 (when he was coming off a Cy Young season), and then pitched to a 2.85 ERA during the regular season.

The White Sox have seen that Peavy in small stretches in the 2 1/2 seasons since the trade, but injuries have limited him to just 38 starts in that span, and have affected his performance.

And the thought always was that if he could stay healthy, he could be the guy he was for the Padres.

"I'm as healthy as I can possibly be," Peavy said. "We'll see where that takes us."

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