PHOTO: Cubs playfully troll Anthony Rizzo with T-shirts

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Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is having a breakout season at age 24. He leads the NL with 25 homers and made the All-Star team for the first time in his career. He's legit and there's no taking away from that.

Of course, he's done something a few times this season that is rather dubious, and his teammates are playfully mocking him for it. Check out the shirt:

The headline: Bear League Softball. The tagline? "Hit the ball before it hits you" with a picture of Rizzo and his number 44. Also, props to model John Baker, a man of many talents.

Without context, some may be confused, but that's why I'm here. Remember this?

Or these?

There are more, too. Rizzo has shown the uncanny ability this season to get hit by pitches that he swings at. Part of it is swing construction, part is him crowding the plate and part is just haphazard coincidence. Whatever the recipe, it's pretty funny -- but not as funny as whichever teammate decided to have these shirts made.

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