PHOTO: Derek Jeter's high school scouting report

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Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is currently on the DL working his way back from left ankle surgery, but he's still a slam dunk Hall of Famer and a five-time World Series champion. Once upon a time he was just a scrawny high school kid though, and no one knew what to expect from him as a baseball player going forward.

With a hat tip to Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson, here is a scouting report on high school Jeter as filed by a Colorado Rockies scout:

You can click the photo for a larger view, which I strongly suggest. The money quote: "This guy is special. You get excited just watching him warm up. All-Star potential at MLB level."

The Rockies held the 27th overall pick in the 1992 draft, so they never had a shot at Jeter. The Yankees instead took him sixth overall. Colorado's consolation prize? Right-hander John Burke.

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