Photo of the day: Chris Sale's freaky arm action

Among the numberless reasons I could never be a major-league pitcher is this one: I can't make my arm do the things necessary for success. Chances are, you're probably like me in that regard. However, one pitcher decidedly not constrained by those physiological limits is Chris Sale of the White Sox, who presently paces the AL in ERA and is a certifiable Cy Young contender at the age of 23.

Indeed, Sale's arm action can best be described as "circus worthy." Need evidence? Just lay eyes upon this photo, courtesy of Getty Images, snapped during his June 22 gem against the Brewers ...

Chris Sale

If circumstances forced me to do that with my arm, I would first pass out from agony and then die in my sleep. For Sale, though, it's just another 93-mph two-seamer.

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