Photo of the Day: Happy 95th birthday, Jackie Robinson

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It's January 31, 2014, and that means it's the 95th birthday of the luminous and enduring Jackie Robinson. Robinson, who passed away in 1972, is of course famous for breaking baseball's color barrier as a member of the 1947 Dodgers and doing so with such poise, strength and personal courage that it defies words.

In momentary celebration of this great man, here's a particularly arresting image of Robinson from an outstanding Life Magazine gallery devoted to his memory ... 

I find this George Silk photo to be one of the most evocative ever of Robinson. It was taken in a game against the Giants in 1956, which was Robinson's age-37 and final season. There he is rounding first in a hustle that typified him, pushing off the inside of the bag with his outside foot, just as you're supposed to do. His eyes are trailing what was likely a well-struck ball. In all of that, you'll see no. 42's dedication to craft and surely a bit of his relentless sense of mission. 

Happy 95th, Mr. Robinson. 

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