Photo of the Day: Philadelphia's Shibe Park, aerial view in 1929

Here is yet another gem from @MLBcathedrals.

(Click on the here for a full-size version, which is highly recommended)

I like that they mentioned the rooftop seats in right field, because we've posted on those before. Here's the picture from the 1914 World Series -- or World's Series, as it was then known: 

The Athletics called Shibe Park home from 1909-1954. The Phillies would play there from 1938-1970, though it was known as Connie Mack Stadium from 1953 until it was retired.

Those rooftop seats would go away, as after the 1934 season, owner Jack Shibe ordered the roof raised to almost 50 feet, frustrated by the rooftop owners piggybacking on his product (sound familiar, Chicago?). It would be called the "Spite Fence."

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