Photo of the Day: Yes, you can play baseball in this weather

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As temperature screen-grabs posted to social media suggest, it's cold outside -- stupidly so in the otherwise welcoming bosom of the American Midwest. This might lead the baseball enthusiast to believe that current atmospheric conditions are unfit for the sport the binds us. However, as the following image proves this is simply not the case. Bear frigid witness to these hardy Coast Guardsmen ... 

According to the Library of Congress, whence this image comes, this flinty icebreaker crew is playing baseball in sub-zero temps somewhere in the Bering Sea way back yonder in 1953. Also note that some of these sailors clearly know how to Play the Game the Right Way, as evidenced by those high socks. Take that, ravages of winter. 

Baseball, always and without surrender, is the lesson here. 

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