PHOTOS: New Hunter Pence bobblehead is outstanding

Giants right fielder Hunter Pence is going to be the subject of a bobblehead giveaway to the first 40,000 fans in AT&T Park Wednesday, April 9 of this upcoming season.

Here's a glimpse of the front of the head, via Pence himself (hat-tip: MLB Cut 4 blog):

That, however, is not the awesome part. Check out the side view:

The backstory? Pence takes a motorized scooter to AT&T Park for home games in San Francisco. Here is your visual:

Exceptional effort on the bobblehead, Giants marketing department.

Now, those familiar with Eye on Baseball know our affinity for creative bobbleheads and we've even come up with a litany of ones we'd love to see in the near future.

The Bobblehead Project is on hiatus -- though definitely not permanently -- but here is our gallery. Click on any individual thumbnail for the original version with a full-size picture and the back story to each bobble:

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