Quote of the day: Jayson Werth is 'ready to eat somebody's face'

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The Nationals have lost three in a row and 17 of their last 28 games, so there is bound to be some frustration in that clubhouse. This is a team that was widely expected to contend not just in the NL East, but for the World Series. Jayson Werth expressed that frustration on Tuesday night:

Thanks to James Wagner of the Washington Post for the relay.

Well ... zombies are kind of a big deal right now, so I guess Werth was just going mainstream. Needless to say, this is a rare opportunity to mix baseball and flesh-eaters. I present ... Zombie Jayson Werth:

You can thank The Walking Dead "Dead Yourself" app for that one. The arm is just an appetizer for the face he apparently craves. Hopefully he just sticks to hitting baseballs, but you can never fully trust a man with a beard and long hair.

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