Report: Stephen Strasburg avoids suspension after Saturday ejection

Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg was ejected for twice throwing behind a batter after both benches had been warned Saturday. By rule, manager Davey Johnson was also ejected. A report from CSN Washington says that neither will be suspended

After Bryce Harper was hit twice Friday night by Braves pitchers, Strasburg hit Justin Upton with a pitch in the first inning Saturday. In true gamesmanship fashion, the Braves didn't turn it into a brawl and didn't retaliate. Upton took his base professionally. The issue was settled between the lines, as it should have been.

But then next inning Strasburg was ejected after throwing two wild pitches around Andrelton Simmons.

Here's video footage of the outing.

On Strasburg's second inning, he didn't throw a single strike. He threw seven balls and pretty clearly had no idea where the ball was going. He totally went into Rick Ankiel mode with three straight wild pitches. Even several Braves players after the game said they were pretty sure he wasn't going after Simmons.

Sure, Strasburg probably had to be ejected since he twice threw behind a guy after both benches were warned, but it appears the league believes that there was no ill intent, so no punishment has been doled out. This feels like the correct decision.

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