Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth spice up Nats-Phils rivalry

First, here's Shane Victorino of the Phillies, moments after hitting a ninth-inning triple on Sunday night against the Nationals ...

Victorino kiss

Reportedly, Victorino is directing the celebratory air-kiss toward a Nats fan who, all game long, had been heckling Victorino from behind the Philly batter's box. If nothing else, it's pretty funny to see a ballplayer -- a ballplayer who's no stranger to heckling of criminal extremes -- giving it right back to a fan. It's also one more layer to baseball's new "it" rivalry.

And then there's Jayson Werth, who, the day after suffering a broken wrist, had some pointed words regarding the visiting Philly fans who delighted in his injury. In an email to the Washington Post, Werth wrote:
“After walking off the field feeling nauseous knowing my wrist was broke and hearing Philly fans yelling ‘You deserve it,’ and, ‘That’s what u get,’ I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again.”
Worth noting: These two teams next cross swords in Philly starting May 21. Werth won't be around for it, but the mounting hostilities surely will.

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