Stat of the Day: Hamilton's menacing lead over Pujols in slugging percentage

Saying Josh Hamilton is having a better season than Albert Pujols isn't a revelation. Nor is saying Hamilton is crushing Pujols in pretty much every positive stat this season. But in reading Joe Posnanski's blog Monday morning, he noted a stat that pretty well puts in perspective just how different the season has gone for Hamilton and Pujols:

"As a few people have pointed out -- I believe it was first on the Baseball Prospectus Podcast -- Josh Hamilton could go zero for his next 271, and still have a higher slugging percentage than Pujols has right now."

Albert Pujols' slugging percentage is .275 right now. Josh Hamilton's is .866. If Hamilton were to go zero for his next 273, his slugging percentage would be .275 on the nose. That's almost a half season with zero hits in order to seep down that low.

There's probably no better way to put the extreme starts of Pujols and Hamilton in perspective.

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