The Blue Jays and Indians have made history

Blue Jays-Indians

With the qualifier that this is merely sorta-kinda opening day, the Blue Jays and Indians have made history: Toronto's 7-4 victory in 16 innings breaks the record for the longest opening-day game.

Prior to today, the record was shared by the Senators and Athletics, who battled for 15 innings back in 1926; and the Tigers and Indians, who also lasted for 15 innings back in 1960 (in Cleveland, coincidentally).

Of course, if you're of the mind that this really isn't opening day -- what with games in Japan and Miami having already been played -- then never mind. But if you have little patience for such technicalities, then toast yourself for having witnessed history. Of a sort.

In commemoration of this timeless moment, we have embedded above a photograph of one of the 12 pitching changes that fans in Cleveland and viewing at home enjoyed on Thursday.

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