The Bobblehead Project: Izzy Alcantara karate-kicks the catcher

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It's Thursday and in these parts that means it's time for another Bobblehead Project entry. Today, though, brings us a bobblehead that is less celebration than it is solemn reminder that in baseball there are accepted ways of doing things -- even when that thing is charging the mound with the intent of keel-hauling the opposing pitcher.

Back in 2001, Red Sox minor-leaguer Izzy Alcantara took offense to some inside pitching from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre's Blas Cedeno and decided  -- with not insubstantial levels of malice aforethought -- to charge the mound. Before he charged the mound, though, he decided to give a taste of street justice to catcher Jeremy Salazar. And away we go ...

That's right: He kicked the catcher. And you can't do that, according to both the rules and prevailing standards of gentlemanly behavior. Here's the relevant action-news footage ...

For his efforts, Mr. Alcantara was suspended six games and dropped from the Triple-A International League All-Star roster. Some 12 years later, his assault was commemorated in bobblehead form.

As always, big thanks to our artist Jarod Valentin for his continued amazing work. Thanks to said amazing work, he has earned the right not to be kicked in the grill by Izzy Alcantara.

Bobblehead Gallery (click on thumbnail) ...

Bobblehead Gallery (click on thumbnail) ...

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