This time, he'll wear a Yankee cap

NEW YORK -- Derek Lowe was the winning pitcher in a Game 7 at Yankee Stadium. He was the winning pitcher when the Red Sox finally won the World Series.

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So why is this ALCS the one that's such a big deal for him? Why, when his role on the Yankees is so limited that he threw just four pitches in a Division Series that lasted 52 innings?

Simple answer: It's against the Tigers.

Lowe grew up in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. He never played for the Tigers, but he remained enough of a Tiger fan that when they made it to the 2006 World Series, he bought tickets and sat in the stands wearing a Tiger cap.

"I'm Detroit everything," he said, after the Yankees clinched their ALCS spot Friday. "Obviously, that's going to change for the next seven days."

Lowe knows he'll have plenty of ticket requests, but he something else on his mind Friday.

"I need to get my mom and dad to put on a Yankee hat instead of a Tiger hat," he said.

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