Tiger Stadium would also have been 100 today

Tiger Stadium

As our own Danny Knobler recently noted, the late, great Tiger Stadium in Detroit shares a birthdate with Fenway Park in Boston. Tiger hasn't been home to the Detroit Tigers since 1999, and hasn't existed in any meaningful sense since 2009. But even in memory -- especially in memory -- the ballpark at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull remains one of the best ever built.

While the Tiger organization is in fine shape these days and Comerica Park is a nice place to see a game, one wonders whether the Tigers -- and the city -- would do things differently if they could rewind time. After all, Fenway and Wrigley are large parts of two of the most successful team brands in all of sports. Tiger was certainly their equal in terms of historical appeal and a providing a transporting baseball experience.

Too late for all that, though.

In celebration and mourning, the Detroit Free Press has a wonderful Tiger Stadium photo gallery that's worth your while.  

Happy birthday to you, too, Tiger Stadium.

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