Tuesday is Rick Monday 'flag saving' bobblehead night in L.A.

Tuesday night, the Dodgers host the Cubs in Dodger Stadium and they are having possibly the best ballpark giveaway of the season.

It's Rick Monday 'flag-saving' bobblehead night. That is, it commemorates the time Cubs outfielder Rick Monday saved an American flag was being burnt on the Dodgers Stadium outfield from a few protestors. Thanks to the item being on eBay already, we can catch a glimpse of it on this here Internet:

For those who don't know the story of one of the most patriotic moments in baseball history, here is a video explanation:

So that was Monday playing for the Cubs in Dodger Stadium. Obviously the timing of this promotion is no coincidence.

Monday would later play eight years for the Dodgers, winning a World Series ring and playing in two other World Series.

Well done, Dodgers marketing department.

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