Tweet of the day: Joe Buck on accusations of bias

National play-by-play man Joe Buck was not the play-by-play man for Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox broadcast. That didn't stop people from accusing him of bias during the broadcast -- from two different angles:

I can relate on a much smaller level. One of my favorite stories to tell about fan accusations came during the 2011 World Series. I was sitting in a restaurant in Arlington -- at the bar area -- and could overhear conversations among Rangers fans where they were complaining about how much "the media" loves the Cardinals.

Then, at lunch prior to what would be an epic Game 6 in St. Louis, I overheard a group of Cardinals fans complaining about how much "the media" hates the Cardinals. It gave me a nice little chuckle.

Here's the reality: Fans only want to hear great things about their favorite team and bad things about the other team. Generally speaking, of course, because all fans aren't the same. For those who are like this, I don't understand the focus on constantly trying to uncover bias instead of just enjoying their favorite team.

If, during the 2011 World Series, I said Adrian Beltre is an amazing defensive player, that means nothing more than that he's an amazing defensive player. It doesn't mean I love the Rangers or hate the Cardinals.

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