VIDEO: An ump took a foul ball to the biscuits, and Vin Scully was there

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There's little need for a breezy intro: during the course of Monday night's Angels-Dodgers game (LAA 5, LAD 0), plate umpire Manny Gonzalez took a foul ball to the rascal basket, and National Treasure Vin Scully introduced us to the grim vocal particulars that often follow when a male human takes a projectile to the rascal basket. Please regard (also, please click the speaker icon in the upper left corner to enable audio) ... 

Vin Scully may be a gentleman of many refinements, but he knows acute suffering when he sees it. He also knows what acute suffering sounds like, and what it sounds like is a mouse answering a question with something less than full honesty. 

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