VIDEO: Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium demolished in 1997

The Atlanta Braves moved into Turner Field for the 1997 season, after it was transformed from from Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Summer Olympics. That meant their former home, Fulton County Stadium, was vacant.

It was demolished Aug. 2, 1997. Here's the footage:

The Stadium would go out with a bang, at least, as the final three games played there were Games 3-5 of the 1996 World Series between the Braves and the Yankees. Unfortunately for the Braves, though, the Yankees won all three of those games, en route to taking the series in six games.

And Fulton County Stadium was retired, thanks to the aforementioned transformation of the Olympic venue into Turner Field:

[Click here for a full-screen version]

Fulton County Stadium would be remembered by a fence in the same spot as the actual Fulton County fence-- now in a parking lot for Turner Field -- shown here via Wikipedia:

At the time, who knew Turner Field would last only 20 years? The Braves are now moving to Cobb Country in time for the 2017 season, immediately after the 20-year lease with Turner Field expires. That will mark their third home since moving to Atlanta in 1966.

The Cubs and Red Sox, to name two, think the Braves are a bit promiscuous when it comes to jumping from stadium to stadium.

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