VIDEO: Brewers' win streak ends in controversial fashion

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It's 2-1 Padres in the ninth. Closer Huston Street is on the mound, tying run is in scoring position with two outs, and Martin Maldonado is at the dish for Milwaukee. The Brewers, of course, are angling for their 10th straight win. Then this happens ...

The rules state that a batter is out if the ball touches him with both feet outside the parameters of the batter's box or with one foot outside those boundaries and one foot in the air (even if it's hovering over the batter's box). The guess here is that home-plate umpire Paul Emmel saw -- or thought he saw -- an instance of the latter.

In other words, he probably saw this ...

You're welcome Lowe's home-improvement stores! This captures the instant after the ball touched Maldonado. From the available angles, there's no way to know with any precision whether his left foot was airborne at the moment the ball made contact with him, but this is probably what Emmel saw: right foot out of the box, left foot hovering.

In that sense, it's a defensible call, but it's certainly an agonizing way to see a win streak snuffed out.

Anyhow, consider this a sommelier-approved pairing with what unfolded in the A's-Red Sox game earlier in the night.

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