VIDEO: Bryan Holaday's go-ahead bunt single is a beautiful thing

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Typically, I find sac bunts to be one of baseball's dullest plays. Surprise bunt singles, though, are something else altogether. So in celebration of the latter sub-genre, let us now appreciate the go-ahead, two-out, ninth-inning RBI bunt single of Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday from Tuesday night ...

Aesthetically soaring is what that is! You couldn't pick the ball up and roll it to a better spot! A mother-of-pearl-inlay croquet mallet could not have achieved a richer outcome!

The Tigers went on to prevail over the White Sox by the above margin of 4-3, thanks in large part to the action-bunt-lightning of Mr. Bryan Holaday, accomplished purveyor of baseball beauty. 

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