Video: Giants, A's fans brawl in stadium

This just in: There are still plenty of adults who think fighting over sports teams is cool or manly or tough or ... well, something. I'm here to unapologetically tell you that if you think it's cool to get in a fight over a sporting event, you are a loser.

I especially believe that the Bryan Stow situation should have been a wake-up call for fans everywhere. Stow didn't deserve the beating he received, nor did he ask for it. But anytime you're at a sporting event and a group of opposing fans seems to challenge you, shouldn't the thought of what happened to Stow pass through your head? I'm sorry, I'm walking away and letting them call me every name in the book. There's nothing to gain from fighting, but a seemingly infinite supply of things one can lose.

I'll note that if someone started the fight and someone else is simply defending himself through no choice of his own, I only have a problem with the person who started it.

Still, when adults continue to display this kind of behavior in public, kids see it. That's also bad.

Anyway, here's a group of Giants and A's fans who evidently disagree with me. A sad state of affairs, but I'm not sure it's changing any time soon.

Hat-tip: The Cove

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