VIDEO: Golden Stick Wiffle Ball League All-Star Game highlights!

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Know this: The Golden Stick Wiffle Ball League (GSWL) recently held its 2014 All-Star Game, and the embedded video below will provide you, the page-viewer, with color television highlights of the event in question. 

Come with us, won't you?

I would hereby like to participate!

Too long of a run time for you, the busy executive? Because we here at Eye On Baseball are automatic for the people, we've provided you with some helpful time-stamped annotations ... 

1:35 - Nastiest pitch nominee

1:56 - Tater

2:38 - Spank

3:04 - Nastiest pitch nominee

3:35 - Nice job of getting the bat on it

3:58 - In which YOU are struck in the face by a pitch

5:00 - Defensive artistry

5:43 - Possible violation of laws of physics

7:01 - Line drive-induced enthusiasm

7:48 - Dong-piece

8:16 - Totally unfair slider (also nastiest pitch nominee)

8:53 - Unorthodox pitching motion leads to fortuitous defensive positioning 

10:01 - Nastiest pitch nominee

Regarding the exploits you see above, NPR notes that the New England-based GSWL has plans to become a professional league in the near future, with redeemable currency involved and everything. 

With that in mind, please commence recalibrating your life plans and career ambitions. 

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