VIDEO: Jacoby Ellsbury's near home run in Fenway Park return

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Yankees center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury returned to his former home, Fenway Park, Tuesday night. Once a beloved Red Sox, he was now a hated Yankee. And in his first at-bat back, he nearly homered. He was close to a home run first off the bat and then nearly had an inside-the-park homer with fan interference.

Here it is:

What do you expect from a dude wearing a Bruins jersey at a baseball game? Said dude almost seriously injured himself by falling onto the field, too.

Ellsbury was awarded a triple, which is pretty weird. One would think if there was interference it would be a ground-rule double and if not, the result was a home run. Umpire Phil Cuzzi had thrown his hands in the air, at which point, again, one would think Ellsbury needs to stop at second. I agree there's a good argument Ellsbury would have had a triple if not for the interference, but there was interference.

Maybe they should review the decision? The Red Sox have had a lot of luck with reviews, right?

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