VIDEO: Joe Maddon channels Mike Gundy's famous rant in ad

Remember that old Mike Gundy (head coach for Oklahoma State's football team), rant where he screamed, "I'm a man! I'm 40!" at a press conference? Of course you do. Well, if not -- or if you just want to see it again -- here it is:

[NOTE: The "I'm a man" part begins at about 2:20]

And now, a Rays commercial starring the manager with probably the best sense of humor in baseball, Joe Maddon:

A few things of note here.

1. Maddon turned 60 on Saturday, so this was topical. Happy Birthday, Joe!

2. Note Maddon saying "Tweeter" instead of Twitter. One might recall that back in 2012 Maddon had a brief dust-up with then-Nats manager Davey Johnson in which Johnson remarked that Maddon was popular due in part to his presence on "Tweeter." And Maddon replied that "most men have Tweeter and I would never use my Tweeter to an unfair advantage."

Excellent work, Rays.

Hat-tip: Big League Stew

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