VIDEO: Mock political ad supports Carlos Gomez as ASG starter

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This is wonderfully done by the Milwaukee Brewers marketing department:

So good (well, other than the fact that Carlos Beltran was actually a right fielder -- but we can let that slide).

The way things look right now, Carlos Gomez definitely deserves a look on merit alone, not just because he's a center fielder. As of Thursday morning, I'd say there's a clear-cut top four among NL outfielders, including Giancarlo Stanton, Yasiel Puig and last year's NL MVP Andrew McCutchen along with Gomez (for what it's worth, I would have gone with Gomez over McCutchen a few weeks ago, but Cutch has been insanely hot of late and closed the gap). Both Gomez and McCutchen are center fielders, for what it's worth. As long as three of these four are on your ballot, I heartily approve.

Speaking of giving my hearty approval, I offer it up to the Brewers on this one. Excellent ad. I would say I wish all teams did something like this, but that would probably get oversaturated -- and rather old -- at some point.

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