VIDEO: Reds' outfield celebration involves sinister plot

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On Friday night, the Reds triumphed over the Giants by a tally of 6-2. As teams are wont to do these days, the three members of the victorious outfield -- Jay Bruce, Billy Hamilton and Chris Heisey -- prepared to celebrate baseball events by leaping into each other in collegial fashion. To Mr. Heisey's eternal chagrin, however, Messrs. Hamilton and Bruce had been plotting against him for at least 10 minutes or so. Please bear scandalized witness ... 

Please recite the following in your finest Edward G. Robinson voice: "You see, Heisey, it was a setup. A filthy, rotten, stinkin' setup. And you fell for it, see. Five'll get you 10, kid. Now skiddoo."

(Wink of CBS eye: Reddit Baseball)

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