VIDEO: Shane Robinson, Yasiel Puig's throw put Cards up 4-0 in Game 6

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When Carlos Beltran singled in Matt Carpenter to give the Cardinals a 1-0 lead over the Dodgers in the third inning of NLCS Game 6, it wasn't the end the of world. When Yadier Molina singled into Beltran to make it 2-0, it was still a surmountable deficit. But when Shane Robinson did this... stuck a dagger right through the heart of the Dodgers. Yasiel Puig's two poor throws in the inning have gotten all of the attention, but asking Clayton Kershaw to put a guy like Robinson away with the bases loaded and two outs isn't too much to ask. The Cardinals went up 4-0 on the single, as you can see, and it's hard to think they'll need much more with Michael Wacha on the bump.

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