VIDEO: Wade Boggs throws a scoreless inning with his knuckleball

Wade Boggs went into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot because he has the 24th highest on-base percentage (.415), the 26th most hits (3,010) and the 33rd highest batting average (.328) in baseball history. He was a hitting machine, a five-time batting champ and six-time on-base percentage champ who finished his career with nearly twice as many walks (1,412) as strikeouts (745).

During the dog days of August 1997, with his team down eight runs in the eighth inning, Boggs took to the mound to spare the bullpen. This is more than just a Hall of Fame third baseman pitching, this is a Hall of Fame third baseman throwing a knuckleball:

Baseball is just the best.

(h/t @TroyMachir)

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