VIDEO: Wil Myers' prodigious power

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Wil Myers of the Rays might well be the top power hitting prospect in the minors -- most publications say he is -- and it's because of shots like this one, which he hit on Tuesday for Triple-A Durham (hat-tip to for tweeting the video on Thursday):

I went tried to find a distance on that one, since it's hard to tell how far the ball went -- other than into the proverbial stratosphere. All I found was this:

Works for me.

And that shot was part of a recent power surge from the highly-touted prospect, who came to the Rays' organization by way of the trade this past offseason that sent James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals.

In the past week, Myers is hitting .364 with four doubles, five homers and 16 RBI in seven games. He got off to a slow start this season, but it seems like things are picking up. He hit .314/.387/.600 with 37 homers and 109 RBI last year combined at Double-A (35 games) and Triple-A (99 games).

With Myers heating up, the focus will surely now intensify as to when he'll be called up. The small tiny-market Rays definitely don't want him to be a Super-2 in his arbitration years, but that exact date can't be determined as it'll be an average of service time among the two-year player class when the time comes. Most estimates seem to peg mid-to-late June as a decent time to call upon a stud, though.

The good news for the time being is the Rays actually aren't desperate for offense, as they've averaged 5.6 runs per game since April 16. As long as the likes of James Loney and Kelly Johnson continue to hit well, the need to promote Myers isn't pressing.

Still, that's some prodigious power.

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