VIDEOS: Top four 'Happy Holidays' videos by MLB teams

It's December 20, so we're right in the middle of the holiday season that includes several festive holidays stretched out among several religions, notably the monster US holiday that is Christmas. As such, each of the 30 MLB teams put out a "Happy Holidays" video.

Here are the four best ones, as far as my subjective judgement tells me -- and this is relatively speaking, of course, because none of the videos per se are particularly awesome.

First up, the Diamondbacks and their funkadelic light show:

Next, the Nationals throwing snow over some highlights and calling it "Offseasons Greetings," which is a nice touch:

Crush Davis' bat, Manny Machado's glove, some Adam Jones hijinks, Buck Showalter and animated snowmen on the Camden Yards infield? Good job, Orioles:

How about Clint Hurdle and his players in Christmas sweaters? Well done, Pirates:

We already know which one was the worst. Oh, Mets ...

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