VIDEOS: Which World Series stadium has a better intro?

ST. LOUIS - With far too many things making seeing a World Series game in person great, I'm not about to start trying to rank what's great about it. Toward the top of that hypothetical list, though, would be the intense feel of the home crowd leading up to when their team hits the field for the beginning of the game.

In each stadium, I took video of roughly the last three minutes before the respective home teams took the field. It's obviously not the highest quality, being an iPhone, not a professional video camera, but you can still get a good idea of the atmophere.

So tell me, your humble correspondent, which one is better? Which would make you more "fired up?"

Here is Fenway Park, leading up to Game 2:

And now here is Busch Stadium, leading up to Game 4:

So, again, which was better?

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