VINTAGE VIDEO: Jose Guillen's all-time great throw from right field

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Vladimir Guerrero signed a one-day contract and retired with the Angels yesterday, and Dayn Perry's post on the news sent me into an outfield throw video wormhole. Click the link and watch the GIF. You'll understand.

Anyway, there have been a ton of great arms in the outfield over the years, include Vlad's. Jeff Francouer has a rocket, so did Rick Ankiel. Ichiro Suzuki and Raul Mondesi too. Lots of great arms, but there is one choice for the all-time best right field throw in my book. It's this Jose Guillen rocket from the warning track to throw a runner out at third:

I'm not sure any single play in baseball is as exciting as a great outfield throw. Gets me out of my seat every time. Guillen's throw ... my goodness.

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