WATCH: Chris Stewart strikes out on strike two

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Chris Stewart is in the Yankees lineup not for his bat, but because he's a very good defensive catcher who handles their pitching staff well. He took his offensive woes (55 OPS+) a little further on Thursday night by striking out on a 1-1 pitch. Yes, he struck out on strike two. Here's the video:

Stewart simply lost track of the count and the game continued. The Orioles weren't going to say anything and I guess no one on the Yankees noticed. Nothing in the rulebook says home plate umpire Jim Wolf is obligated to call the hitter back to the plate in a situation like that.

"[Wolf] said something the first pitch, and I thought he called it a strike," said Stewart to's Bryan Hoch after the game. "I assumed it was 0-1, I fouled a ball off and I swung and missed at a ball. No one said anything; the umpire didn't say anything, so I just came on back to the dugout and put my stuff away."

Replays showed Stewart, Wolf and Orioles catcher Matt Wieters chuckling about the whole thing an inning or two later. No harm no foul, I guess.

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