WATCH: Craig Stammen turns great behind-the-back snag into an out at the plate

Sometimes you make a great play, and sometimes to ball finds you. On Friday, Padres reliever Craig Stammen did both on the same play.

In the fourth inning against the Brewers (GameTracker), Orlando Arcia hit a chopper back to the mound and Stammen managed to reach out to field the ball behind his back. And because that's not enough, he threw home for an out. Check it out:

Great play! Stammen wasted no time whatsoever throwing home for the force out, and it's a good thing too, because that was close to a bang-bang play.

And geez, what are you thinking if you're Arcia? The guy stuck his glove out and made a behind-the-back grab, and I don't even get an RBI when he throws home? Baseball ain't fair sometimes.

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