WATCH: Hanley Ramirez left field defense 'highlight' reel

The Red Sox are sinking like a stone, losing again Thursday night (HOU 5, BOS 4) for their eighth consecutive defeat. At 42-54, Boston owns the worst record in the AL and fourth worst record in MLB overall.

One of the many reasons the BoSox are having such a miserable season is Hanley Ramirez, the big money free agent import who ranks 160th out of 161 qualified position players with -0.8 WAR. (Teammate Pablo Sandoval is 161st at -0.9 WAR!)

Hanley ranks second to last in WAR despite hitting .263/.310/.468 (111 OPS+) with 19 home runs and 46 RBI because his left field defense has been atrocius. The Red Sox moved him from short to left and perhaps underestimated the difficulty of the transition. Hanley is legitimately one of the worst defensive outfielders I have ever seen.

So, in honor of Ramirez's terrible defense, Joon Lee of SB Nation put together a 30-second "highlight" video of Hanley's most memorable left field blunders, complete with the Benny Hill theme music. Enjoy:

There's been talk the Red Sox will move Ramirez to first base next season -- or maybe in the second half if Mike Napoli is let go -- which makes sense, though remember, the first baseman handles the ball approximately six times more often than the left fielder in a given game. Hanley at first might not be a good thing! He's almost certainly best at DH.

Hanley Ramirez's defense in left field as been bad, putting it lightly.
Hanley Ramirez's defense in left field as been bad, putting it lightly. (USATSI)
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