What Don Mattingly learned from his Yankees managers

Don Mattingly played for six different managers during his 14 years with the Yankees. How each of them influenced him:

 Billy Martin: "Fiery. Crazy. That boy was nuts. I don't mean that in a bad way. Wild is probably the best word for him."

 Yogi Berra: "He's the best. The best person I've ever been around in baseball Absolutely just the best."

 Lou Piniella: "I think of him a couple of different ways. As a player, as a hitting coach and as a manager. His biggest influence on me was the hitting end of it. He's the one who got me to use the weight transfer and show me how that works. He showed me how my swing worked, the cause and effect. He made me a better teacher. That temper ... raw emotion. It just comes out. I always loved that about Lou. Unbridled, can't stop it. Volcanic."

 Dallas Green: "He was tough. He was kind of big and bold. He was different. A lot of his work was his principles on throwing, stuff he did in spring training, I liked a lot of that."

 Stump Merrill: "I played for him in Double-A. Stump's a smart baseball guy. At that point I was kind of established and it was more of an easy relationship."

 Buck Showalter: "Buck was really good. We played together in Double-A. Buck's a little quiet in a sense, shy. Baseball-wise he's really smart. Buck was really organized. I thought he was a great judge of talent. Building an organization getting back to where you want to go, you really have to see who can play and who can't. Buck came in and changed the whole attitude of the way we did things. This is the way we're going to do it, with meetings, spring training, it was just like clockwork. And I liked that because we weren't wasting time. Get a workout done in 2 1/2 hours and you can get the same thing done that you get done in 3 1/2 hours with someone who is less organized. I thought he was real smart and a great judge of talent."

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